What is a Thriller?

Posted by Charlie Aldridge on 14:19:00

Genre. The categorisation of media texts and "By isolating the various elements in a film ..., it is possible to easily evaluate a film within its genre". 
A thriller is a film which encorages certain emotions from the audience like "intense excitement, suspense, a high level of anticipation" and many more to build adrenaline levels. Other conventions which go into the catergorisation of genre are the location, characters, narrative and the use of techical codes and semiotics.

 location is expected by the audience because of the genre or sub genre. if a film is catergorised as a crime thriller then the audience would expect the film to be seat in a police department of a large corrupt city with lots of crime.

Characters are the main focus of a film. They are the thing you can relate to and be drawn to when watching a film, you can relate to their situations and lives and feel for them.

the narrative is what keeps you watching the film, it keeps your attention. If the narrative to the film is boring, then the film is boring and you"ll loose interest.

the thriller genre has been sub catergories into many other types of film. Thriller films are now catergorised into action thrillers, physchological thrillers, Adventure thriller, crime thriller, disaster thriller, drama thriller, sci-fi thriller, spy thriller and many more.


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