Our Shot List

Posted by Charlie Aldridge on 10:16:00

This is our first development stage of our thriller opening, it is a basic outline for our opening.

Key: H.O= homeowner
POV=Point of view
CU=Close Up
  1.  Criminal entering the house 
  2.  POV of the criminal looking around
  3.  Shot of home owner waking up after hearing a noise downstairs.
  4. next shot is of the homeowner walking down the stairs with a weapon, maybe a baseball bat
  5. CU of H.O stopping on the stairs with a frightened expression after hearing that someone is in his house. (noises coming from the next room)
  6. Pan of H.O continuing down the stairs and entering the living room 
  7. POV of H.O looking around the room (heavy Breathing, builds tension)
  8. long shot of living room showing H.O and criminal seeing each other for the first time. 
  9. (shot) CU of criminal, 
  10. (Reverse) CU of H.O
  11. (shot) CU criminal
  12. long shot of criminal running through the living room and past the H.O, pushing him over, and running out the front door.
  13. Long shot of front door opening with the criminal running out and the H.O following.
  14. POV of criminal running down the road
  15. POV of H.O following the crim.
  16. Pan of the chase down the road, towards the alley.
  17. (track of the chase down the road).
  18. long shot of the alley opening, with the criminal entering, followed by the H.O
  19. POV of Crim. running down the alley
  20. POV of H.O chasing the crim. down the alley 
  21. back to POV of crim. 
  22. POV of H.O
  23. actors turn the corner and the crim. is gone. cuts to black with the title on screen.


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