My Premier Pro Practice

Posted by Charlie Aldridge on 12:40:00

Recently my group and i have started to begin to experiment with Adobe Premier Pro, we can use premier pro to edit our clips lengths and their look and also add components to the shots like titles. i have previously used remier pro in my digital art and PVA lessons so some of the tasks we had to do were relativly easy for me as i already knew how to use it.

we were asked to perform several diferent task in premier pro, we had to
1. Import the clips
2. Order and re-name them
3. Edit them
4. Add transitions.
5. Add titles.
6. Add effects and animate, in which we had to look at positioning and setting key frames
7. And adding sound effects and overlaying.

Our task was to edit a series of clips to look like a previous groups finished movie. we had to edit the clips so they replicated the other film.  I found this easy as i have had previous experience with premier pro


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