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This is our first try at filming and editing a short film, this is our continuity task.  For our continuity task we were given a shot list and asked to create our own short film based on the shot list. We decided to base our continuity task around the idea of a student that has started a new section of his school life, and the teacher wants to see how he's getting on.

we presented our continuity task to the group and we were given feedback and targets to improve on for our next filming task.

-music was fitting to piece
- variety of shots and angles
- some of our shots were too shaky and we needed to work on holding our camera still.
- framing was poor.
           >impacted on meaning
                     > couldn't see reactions clearly
- P.O.V not well executed
- good evidence of shot reverse shot.
- effective use of sound. need to master levels though.
- good variety of shots.
- editing was effective.

we were scored 30 / 60 for our piece, which is a level 2
our targets were to focus on
> Framing
> Continuity
> and to practice our camera movement.


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